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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Picking the right Photographer

Picking the right Photographer  
Not all amateur photographers are created equal, the best way to guarantee that you receive quality work is to hire a seasoned professional. One with a solid background, to draw from.  I have put together some of the differences between an amateur and a professional.  
An event such as your wedding day is not worth risking your memories, by choosing an amateur.  Don't choose  a hobbyist. Choose one with experience you can count on.  Your photographs are memories frozen in time, and worth paying the difference between great memories and amazing memories.   
Amateur vs. Professional 
  1. Amateurs sometimes lack the experience to adapt quickly to changing environments. 
  2. They tend to work on the automatic settings rather than RAW, because of there lack of training and experience.
  3. Amateurs tend to have entrĂ©e level equipment.  
  4. Offer only digital copies, or prints from stores like Wal-Mart. 
  5. A lot of amateurs only use Face book as they web site. 
  6. Amateurs are usually much cheaper. Saying that, "you generally get what you pay for".
  7. They are weekend warrior, hobbyist, or part time photographers.
  8. They generally work alone. 
  1. Professionals generally have more overhead, which drives their prices up. However, professionals have things such as liability insurance, high end equipment and Studio locations.  
  2. Most professionals have back up equipment in case of equipment failure. 
  3. A professional has a wide range of products from digital, print, canvases, and many other product options.  
  4. They will give you a time line for post production work, proofing, and final product. 
  5. A professional has a business licenses, takes payments multiple forms, and some even have payment plans.
  6. A professional will have a website, and several kinds of social media  
  7. Full time Job
  8. Works with other professional photographers and skilled artists. 
In a nutshell, you’ll pay more for a seasoned photographer, but the resulting photos will hopefully speak for themselves.
In closing when you have your, in person consultations take the time to get to know your photographer.  A photographer's charm and ability to put everyone at ease, is as important as the actual photography. With experience comes not only the knowledge of  how to photograph, but also how to act during a photography session, or event. Remember you’re hiring a person or people for their time and talent.  They didn’t become a professional overnight.  The bottom line is, photographers work hard, they have home, family, and expenses just like everyone else.  

A discount photographer normal end up with discount work, your memories are worth their weight in gold.  A Professional has the experience, the drive, the equipment, and the time to give you high quality work which is wroth the premium price.