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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Photo Editing

      Quick update about our studio, we are Open and Running.  If you stop by please excuse the mess, we are still moving in and getting ready for our Open House May 16th!  We have had some great publicity lately, thanks to the FrederickNewPost, and Today we are meeting with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce’s. Thank you to everyone who has helped us grow and please keep spreading the word about us! 

We give the utmost care in preparing and taking your pictures. That being said, giving you the best customer service takes time. We want to make sure every detail of your pictures is the best it can be. We will set a time and day for your to preview your pictures, and make sure that yourmemories are preserved for a lifetime. 

Wedding pictures are one of the most important days you will have, and we can make that a special time for you. We have many different packages and special extras for you, and your fiance. There can be up to a 1000 or more pictures taken at your wedding. We will take the extra time to make sure you get the best pictures possible. We can do onsite and offsite pictures, and even add a special place you may have been together. Let us know what kind of pictures you want. We are as excited as you are to make this day one you will never forget.

Our timeline is tailored to our clients needs.  An in studio session with limited numbers of photographs and poses can typically be handed while you wait, or up to a day depending on our client load for the day.  A large wedding up to 12 hours of photographs before, during and after the ceremony, will need a little more time. We offer what we like to call a sneak peek that is  normally posted to social media, with your permission only of course. If you would rather not have pictures posted in Social Media, please let us know.  Next we have a meeting with the client which we show our proofs thus-far, and discuss enhancements, final prints, and products. We will give you a time frame at your first meeting with us, so that you will be up-to-date through out the process.

When editing photographs we strive to produce a top quality product. Editing is more than just straightening  and cropping, your pictures. They are your precious moments locked in time. Taking photographs in our studio, where we control all aspects of our environment, is always a quicker process. Offsite pictures deal with,  lighting, shadowing, background, obstructions, and the human factor. Be assured that we will take the time to make sure all of your pictures look amazing.    

In closing whether its one picture or ten thousand pictures, editing can make the difference between an okay picture, and one that is jaw dropping. Our qualified photographer will give your pictures the time necessary to add an extra special touch to your pictures.  

Quality work takes time to produce. At Lyon Den Pictures, rest assured that your pictures will be given the attention it deserves, with the quality you expect.

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