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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Photo Sessions what to Wear

Spring Photo Sessions what to Wear;

Spring has sprung and its once again out-side photo time!  We all would like for our photographs to be the best.  However there are several simple things that we can do to take an okay portrait and make it a WOW portrait.  

Lets start with colors. Photographs pop with different color outfits, when parents wear neutral color and children have on brighter colors, you can see a greater difference in the individuals.  When picking your outfits out try to stay with in your class of color for example cool colors or warm colors.  If you have two different colors in your outfit you should try to have the darker color on the bottom, and lighter color on top.  Also try to stay away from everyone looking the same, or wearing crazy outfits with small patterns which may show up funny looking on the finished photograph.  Most importantly wear clothing that feels good to wear. No one likes to wear poorly fitted shoes, so why would you wear something that does not have a good feel.  When we feel good, and have fun it shows, and our photographs capture that great moment.  

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